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Crawler Bulldozer,Bulldozer DFY-6

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Crawler Bulldozer,Bulldozer

The design of instrument assembly is simple and easy to understand, which is used to monitor coolant temperature of the engine, oil pressure, oil temperature of transmission system and electrical instrument. The bulldozer has advanced electronic monitoring sound and light alarm, which guarantees the reliable operation of the whole system and facilitates fault diagnosis and maintenance.
The overhaul layout of bulldozer is rational. It has the features of pretty outline, little grounding pressure, good stability, low price, easy maintenance and high production efficiency, which can meet different working requirements and help users get the highest investment return.

Diesel engine: Cummins
Type: in-line,water-cooled,4-cycle,overhead valve direct injection, turbo changed diesel
Rated Revolution: 2000rpm
Rated Horsepower: 169KM(230HP)/2000rpm
Cylinder Number-Bore × Stroke: 6 - 139.7mm × 152.4mm
Piston displacement: 14010ml
Min. Fuel Consumption 217g/ kw.h
Max. Toque efficiency 1.28

Travel Speed
Gear 1st 2nd 3rd
Forward(km/h): 0 - 3.8 0 - 6.8 0 - 11.8
Reverse(km/h): 0 - 4.9 0 - 8.5 0 - 14.3

Power Transmitting System
Torque converter: 1stage.1phase.3elements
Transmission: planetary gear, multi-disc clutch, hydraulically connected. Forced lubrication
Main Drive: Spiral bevel gear, singe-stage speed reduction, splash lubrication
Steering clutch: Wet, multi-disc, spring loaded, hydraulically separated, hydraulic control
Final Drive: Two-stage speed reduction of spur gear, splash lubrication

Undercarriage System
Type: swing type of sprayed beam ,suspended structure of equalizer bar
Carrier Rollers 2/each side
Track Rollers 7/each side(single flange 5.double flange2)
Track Type assembled single-grouser shoes(39/each side)
Width of Track shoes 560mm(Standard) 610mm .660mm (Optional)
Pitch 216mm

Power Take Shaft
Location at the middle of the back of steering and frame case
Revolution 1900rpm
Revolve Direction anti-clockwise(rearview)

Hydraulic System
Max pressure 19.1Mpa( 195kg/cm 2 )
Discharge 194L /min(at engine revolution of 2000rpm)
Pump Type tandem gear pump
Bore of the Working Cylinder × Number 110mm × 2 ( double-acting type )
Type Control Vale lubricated valve
Bore × NO.(Tilt Cylinder) 160mm× 1

Other Specifications
Min. Ground Clearance 405mm
Operating Weight 26990kgincluding cabin and ripper
Ground Pressure 0.078Mpa
Gradeability 30 °
Min. Turning Radius 3300mm
Track Ground Length 2840mm
Track Gauge 2000mm
Max. Lift Height of Blade 1210mm
Max. Drop below the Ground of blade 540mm
Max. Pulling Force 206KN (21T)
Productivity 350m 3 /h(theoretical value at a transport distance of 40m )

Note: Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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