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Crawler Bulldozer,Bulldozer DFY-5

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Crawler Bulldozer,Bulldozer

The driving system of bulldozer adopts eight-girder winding type and balance beam semi-rigid suspension structure, which guarantees its good cushion effect, steady walking and comfortable operation. The steel-sealed and hexahedral cab can be equipped with air conditioner, anti-roll device, electric washing device, ripper and different blades, which can meet different working needs.
The bulldozer is semi-rigid suspended, power shift, hydraulically controlled and track-type. It is applicable for road construction, water and electricity engineering farmland leveling, port building, mining and other engineering conditions.

Main Specifications (Standard type: straight dozer)
Overall dimensions (L × W × H): 5236 × 3297 × 3160 mm
Operation weight: 17.8 t
Flywheel power: 121 kW
Max. drawbar pull: 139.6 kN
(The efficient force depends on weight and ground surface adherence)
Ground pressure (at operating weight): 69.2 KPa
Min. ground radium: 4.0 m
Min. ground clearance: 352.5 mm
Grade ability: Straight 30° Side 25 °

Diesel Engine
Type: water-cooled, single-row, vertical, 4-stroke-cycle, turbo-charged
Number of cylinders-bore × stroke: 6-120.7 × 152.4mm
Total piston displacement: 10.5 L
Rated RPM: 1900 r/min
Rated power: 131 kW
Oil consumption (at rated power output)
Fuel consumption: ≤ 244 g /kW•h
Lube oil consumption: ≤ 0.6 g/kW•h
Max. torque ( ≤ 1400r/min): ≥ 790 N • m
Cooling method: closed circulation water cooling
Starting method: by electric at 24V

Torque converterand transmission
Single-stage, three unites structure torque converter.
Output power is stable with high performance.
Planetary, power shift transmission with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse. Speed and direction can be quickly shifted. Travel speed (in theory1900/min engine speed): Forward Reverse
First speed 0— 3.32 km/h First speed 0— 4.00 km/h
Second speed 0— 6.26 km/h Second speed 0— 7.57 km/h
Third speed 0— 11.40km/hThird speed 0— 13.87km/h

Steering and braking
The steering clutch is tighten by pressured springs and separated hydraulically with oil-type, multi-powder-metal discs.
The brakes are oil, two-direction floating band with mechanism foot pedals, hydraulic boosted. The steering and braking can be actuated in one control.

Transmission, steering and braking operation
The operation of transmission, steering and braking is controlled by single lever. Transmission, left and right steering and braking can be realized for three speeds forward and three speeds reverse by one handle.

Final drive
The final drives are double reduction with spur gear and segment sprocket, which are sealed by duo-cone seal

Undercarriage System
The undercarriage is section steel welded track roller frame with diagonal brace.
The track rollers, carrier rollers and front idlers have the same floating seals which are long-service life and seal well.
Number of track rollers: 4 single-flange on each side
2 double-flange on each side
Number of carrier roller: 2 on each side
Number of front idler: one on each side
Track type: single grouser, modular type.
Track adjuster type: by hydraulically adjust
Pitch: 203 mm
Numbers of shoe: 38
Width of shoe: 500mm
Length of track on ground: 2570mm
Sealed and lubricated track (0ptional parts)
The pitch, number of shoes, width of shoe are the same with ordinary track

Implement Hydraulic System
It consists of two group gear pump, pilot valve, main valve, cylinders, oil filter and lines.
Pump type: two group gear oil pump
Pump flow:
Front pump : 190L /min Pilot pump : 19L /min System pressure: 12MPa

Basic Hydraulic System
Pump type: gear oil pump
System output: 135 L/min
System pressure: 2.35MPa

The cab with adjustable seat features low noise and wide visible range and contains electrical fan.
The different kinds of cabs as follow can be chosen:
1. Cab with air-conditioner
2. Cab with Rops canopy
3. Rops.

Service Refill
Fill location Capacity(L)
Radiator and diesel engine water: 60
Lubricating system of diesel engine Oil: 27.5
Flywheel house, Torque converter ,
Transmission, bevel gear case Oil: 95
Final drive(each side) Oil: 24
Implement hydraulic system Oil: 85
Fuel tank Oil: 230
Track roller, carrier roller, front idler(each) Oil: 0.35

Blade Specifications
Width 3297 mm
Height 1170 mm
Max digging depth: 420mm
Max. ground clearance: 852mm
Tilting angle: 8.5°
Blade capacity: 4.5m 3

Ripper Specifications
Number of shank : three
Length : 1580mm
Width : 2020mm
Max. Penetration depth: 550mm
Max. Lifting height: 510mm

Note: Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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