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Wheel Loader

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Wheel Loader

As new multi-functional engineering machinery, Wheel loader is the new generation model that is developed by our company and university, on the basis of domestic and foreign advanced technology. It uses modern means of design, such as virtual prototyping and finite element analysis. Its performance is prior to the similar products. Wheel loader adopts a four-wheel rive, torque converter power shift gearbox, full hydraulic steering gear, hydraulic pilot manipulation. It is widely applicable to municipal works, construction, roads, water conservancy, electricity, gardens, etc. It is engaged in road maintenance, farmland construction, pipeline laying etc.

1. Using Yuchai engine, it has the characteristics of low noise, low emission, energy saving, environmental protection, strong power, good reliability.
2. The transmission system adopts mature matching parts of ZL30 loader, with high safer factor.
3. It adopts the leading articulated overall design, with a rational layout of front and rear axles. It has the features of mobility, flexibility, outstanding loading and mining stability.
4. It integrates valve control belt emergency braking system and parking brake as one. Braking gas road can implement emergency brake automatically, which makes the emergency brake and parking brake more secure.
5. All operation parts adopt humanized design. The steering wheel and instrument panel can be adjusted according to the comfort of the operator. Having a rational layout, the manipulation handle is easy to operate. The seat can be adjusted from top to bottom, left to right, which can chooses different damping effect according to different weight.
6. The rear axle device can swing around the center from top to bottom, which makes tires have good adhesion and makes the whole machine have good cross-country and pass performance.
7. Wheel loader has optimized loading devices. The layout of hinge point is rational. Its operation position has positive stop function, which can prevent materials from scattering. Unloading position can level the bucket automatically, which can reduce labor intensity. So it has the advantages of broad working scope, more powerful and stable operation and high working efficiency.
8. Wheel loader uses unique mining device and wing-type outrigger. So when it excavates in broken rocks and in depth, it has higher stability than other forms of Ball Mill & Crusher.
9. The backhoe loader takes the lead in adopting hydraulic proportional pilot control, which can do complex movement. It has the features of easy operation, accurate positioning and high working efficiency.
10. The cab of wheel loader is designed according to human-machine principle. With a broad perspective and seal damping, it can install air condition optically, which provides a comfortable and safe operation environment.
11. Wheel loader can choose more than ten kinds of equipment, such as hydraulic breaking hammer, plate vibratory compactor, four in one bucket, pincers and so on.


Item Data Unit
Dimension(L*W*H) 7700×2300×3340 mm
Rated loading bucket capacity 1.00 m3
Max. dumping height 2650 mm
Dumping clearance 910 mm
Excavator bucket capacity 0.3 m3
Max. digging depth 4500 mm
Min. turning radius 4.50 m
Max. digging radial 5500 mm
Digging equipment turning angel ±90 °
Travel speed 33 km/h
Rated power 65 kW
Tread 1700 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm
Loading capacity 2000 kg
Whole weight 9500 kg
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