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Wheel Loader

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Wheel Loader

By adopting the vacuum booster as its braking system, the whole braking of wheel loader is more safe and reliable. Hydraulic system can achieve electronic control and alternates high and low flux automatically, which ensures the vehicle has sufficient traction and a more rational power distribution. The cab of wheel loader is very spacious and uses stream lined internal design. So the driver can have good vision area. In addition, the good sound proof effect makes the driving more easily.

Operating Weight :19200 士500kg
Bucket Capacity: 3.5m3
Rated Load: 6000kg
Maximum Traction 171.3kN
Grade Ability: 300
Hydraulic Excavator Breakout Force: 198kN
Static Tipping Load (full 38oturn): 124kN
Static Tipping Load (straight): 141kN
Rated Power: 179kw (24Ohp)@2200rpm
Peak Torque: 1017Nm@1500rpm
Displacement: 8.3L
Cylinders-Bore x stroke: 6-114x135mm
Transmission Type: counter shaft-type power shift, semi-automatic electrical hydraulic shifting control
Converter: single-stage, single -phase, three elements torque converter Travel Speeds (km / h)

Articulated frame, full hydraulic power with flow-amplified system, full-flow filtering
Axles: Liugong series
Self-locking diffrentials and wet multi-disc brakes
Brakes: Full hydraulic wet-disc braking
Service brakes: All wheels use wet multi-disc brakes
Parking brakes : Shoe-type brake , operator applies electronic - Control
Emergency brakes : Using parking brake , the brake will automatically /manually apply . Equipped with braking low-pressure warning and flameout emergency braking warning system

Hydraulic System
Relief valve setting: 20.7MPa
Hydraulic cycle time, rated load in bucket (in second)

Fuel tank: 320L
Hydraulic tank: 210L Tires: 23.5-25

Centralized Automatic Lubricating System
Dimensions with Bucket
A: Height to top of cab and canopy: 3467mm
B: Ground clearance: 431mm
C: Length from centerline of front aode: 1675mm
D: Wheelbase: 3350mm
E: Overall length: 8480mm
F: Maximum rollback at full height: 620
G: Bucket dump at full height: 450
H: Dump reach: 1200mm
J: Hinge pin height at full lift: 4306mm
K: Dump height: 3150mm
L: Maximum rollback at ground: 440
M: Hinge pin height at carry position: 550mm
N: Maximum digging depth: 97mm
O: Width over tire: 2800mm
P: Tread width: 2200mm
Q: Turing radius outside tires: 5965mm
R: Maximum steering angle:380
S: Bucket width:3010mm
T: Turing radius outside bucket:

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