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Crawler Excavator,Mini Excavator QFY-2

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Crawler Excavator,Mini Excavator

Mini excavator uses imported components, which are advanced and reliable.
Mini excavator has reliable electronic monitoring instrument and high efficient engine, which is low-consumption and low-emission. Mini excavator possesses large-capacity and air-conditioned cab, which provides the driver with comfortable operation environment - low noise and low vibration. Adopting streamlined design, it owns a pretty and novel outline.

Detailed Description

Engine (Mini Excavator)
Type 4-cylinder,4-stroke,in line, Water-cooled, diesel engine
Rated power 36.3hp(27.1kw)/2200r/min
Net power 33.8hp(25.2kw)
Maximum torque 9.86lb.ft(144N.m)
Displacement 134in3(2.19L)
Hydraulic System (Mini Excavator)
Main pump 4 pump system
(2 piston pumps+2 gear pumps)
Maximum flow 11.35+9.16gal/min(2×43+34.7L/min)
Working pressure 2988psi(20.6MPa)
Pilot pump gear pump
Swinging motor relief valve 2552psi(17.6MPa)
Main relief valve boom/arm/bucket 2988psi(20.6MPa)
Traveling circuit 2988psi(20.6MPa)
Swing speed 10.8rpm
Travel speed High:0-3.23mph(0-5.2km/h),low:0-2.17mph(0-3.5km/h)
Grade ability 300
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