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Hydraulic Mobile Crane

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Hydraulic Mobile Crane

The main components of hydraulic mobile crane are selected from those high-quality domestic and foreign components. It adopts well-known Cummins generator, British Lipe clutch and nine-grade speed transmission which uses Germany ZF transmission technology. It also has imported proportional control valve which can control electromagnetic valve and balance valve. The cab is equipped with air-conditioner. Hydraulic mobile crane is a kind of construction machinery.


No. Crane main specifications
Boom Length(m) 11.62—44.1
Max. rated lifting capacity(t) 70
Max. lifting height(m) 44.40
Jib Length(m) 9.2—15
Max. rated lifting capacity(t) 58.39
Single line speed (m/min) Main Hoist 0—130
Aux. Hoist 0—130
Slewing speed(r/min) 0—2.0
Elevating up/down (s) 52/62
Boom telescoping extending/retracting(s) 105/86
Vertical outrigger retracting/extending(s) ≤ 40/45
Horizontal outrigger retracting/extending(s) ≤ 34/35
Chassis type: 8×4
Drive 6BTA5.9-C180
Max. output power 132Kw/2200rpm
Max. torque 750Nm/1300rpm
Max. output power 276Kw/2200rpm
Max. torque 1460N.m/1200~1600rpm
Wheelbase (m) 1.450×4.300×1.350
Wheel span fore, rear(m) 2.300,2.055
Max. traveling speed(km/h) 75
Outrigger type longitudinal x transverse 6.0 x 7.8
Grade ability 33
Approach angle(°) 16.5°
Angle of departure(°) 13.4°
Min. turning radius(m) 12
Tire type 12.00R24
Oil wear each hundred kilometer(L) 57
Whole machine
Max. self-weight in traveling condition(kg) 45700
Axles load allot KG Ⅰ,Ⅱaxle : 19700
Ⅲ,Ⅵ axle: 26000
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 14.20×2.8×3.65
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