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Motor Grader

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Motor Grader

Motor grader is widely used in large area land smoothening and other operations, such as highways, airports, farmland, slope scraping, earth moving, scarification and snow removal. Motor grader is the indispensable construction machinery in national defense projects, mine construction, urban and rural road construction, water conservancy construction, improvement off-arml and etc.

1. Operating weight: 19000kg(standard) /21000kg (with optional front dozer and rear ripper)
2. Overall dimension (Lx W x H): 9230*2800*3630 (standard )/10910*2890*3470 (with front dozer and rear ripper)
3. ZF electro-hydraulic controlled, power shift transmission, with torque converter. 6 forward speed and 3 reward speed, max travelling speed: 38.98km/h, those speeds as follows:

Speed/Gear 1 2 3 4 5 6
Forward(km/h) 5.74 8.73 13.02 17.49 26.98 38.98
Reverse(km/h) 5.74 13.02 26.98

4. Rear: Three stage, driving rear, with No-spin differential Front rear: driven axle , oscillating and steering front axle, the oscillating angle 15°at left and right direction, the front leaning angle is 17degree at left and right direction, steering angle is 45 degree .

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