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Motor Grader

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Motor Grader

The engine of motor grader is water cooled, four stroke, turbo-charge. Using the imported fittings, it has the properties of advanced performance, high efficiency, and comfortable operation. The motor grader is a kind of construction machinery.

1. Model: Dongfeng – Cummins Diesel Engine6BT5.9-C100
Rated output:100kw/135ps
Rated revolution:2200rpm
Max torque: 560Nm at 1500rpm
2. Transmission: Power shift modelZ304 transmission box, with torque converter, 4 forward speeds and 4 reverse speeds. The max speed is 41.5km/h,and the same speeds in forward and reverse and as follows:

(speed/shift) 1 2
Working gear(km/h) 5.7 11.4
Traveling gear(km/h) 20.7 41.5

3. Axle
3.1 rear axle: three stage driving axle with No-spin differential
3.2 front axle: driven axle , oscillating and steering front axle, the oscillating angle 15°at left and right direction, the front leaning angle is17degree at left and right direction, steering angle is 45 degree .
4. Tandem box: oscillating tandem box, the oscillating angle 15°at up and down direction, heavy duty roller chain.
5. Brake system
5.1 Service brake: full hydraulic drive, disc brakes are assembled on rear wheels.
5.2 Parking brake: hub brake, mechanically operated on drive shaft of gear box.
6. Work hydraulic system: hydraulic system of double pumps and double circuits.
7. Frame: articulated frame.
8. Blade
Length * chord:3355*570
Cycling angle:360°
Max inkling angle left/right:76°/117°
Max depth in ground:450mm
9. Tyres: standard tyres on all 6 wheels: 16/70-20EM
10. Electrical system: working voltage: 24v, equipped with all kinds of instruments and working light.
11. The whole machine data
11.1 Operating weight: 9800kgs/10900kgs (standard / with optional front dozer and rear ripper)
11.2 Overall dimension (Lx W x H): 7110*2310*3220/8810*2350*3220 (standard/front dozer and rear ripper)
12. Optional:
12.1 front dozer
12.1.2 to front axle distance:1355mm
12.1.3 Max. cutting depth in ground:115mm
12.2 rear ripper
12.2.1 ripper width :1

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