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Asphalt Paver

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Asphalt Paver

Asphalt paver is a high-quality and high-precision paving equipment. Belonging to construction machinery, this asphalt paver has the advantages of flexibility, high compactness and leveling, stable and reliable speed and high road surface adhesion coefficient. Adopting microcomputer constant speed control system, the paving speed can realize sooth paving.

Detailed Description
1. Basic Working Width:3.0m
2. Max Working Width:6.0/7.0m
3. Max Paving Thickness:300mm
4. Paving Speed:1.54-4.64m/min
5. Traveling Speed:0.44-3.01km/h
6. Theoretical Productivity:300t/h
7. Hopper Capacity:13t, Gradient Ability:20%
8. Tamper Frequency:0-1500r/min
9. Tamper Amplitude:4/8mm
10. Crown Adjust:0-3%
11. Engine Type:4135AZKa
12. Rated Output:90kw
13. Rated Speed:1500rpm
14. Weight :16-21t
15. Overall Dimension:6136×3000×3635mm

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