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Road Roller

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Road Roller

The operating weight of road roller is 14000 kg.

Detailed Description
1. Front axle load:7000 kg
2. Rear axle load:7000 kg
3. Static linear load:325 N/cm
4. Frequency:30 Hz
5. Amplitude:1.8/0.9mm
6. Excited force:290/160kN 7. Traveling speed (1):2 km/h
8. Traveling speed (2):4 km/h
9. Traveling speed (3):11 km/h
10. Climbing capacity:35 %
11. Steering angle:36 °
12. Min. steering radius:7000mm
13. Fuel tank capacity:180 LDrum width:2130mm
14. Drum diameter:1600mm
15. Wheel base:3080mm
16. Diesel engine model:D4114
17. Rated power:95 kW
18. Rated rotationspeed:2050r/min
19. LxWxH: 5800x2290x2970mm
20. Ground clearance: 445mmtype:23.1-26

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