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Road Roller

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Road Roller

The operating weight of the road roller is 18000kg. Having more vibration force and static line pressure, it is applicable to ordinary and complex compaction of non-viscous and viscous materials, such as sand, sandy loam, gravel, rock and clay soil. Road roller is the ideal compaction equipment for high-grade highways, large-scale rock-fill dam, mine roads and those high-speed, high efficient and high compacting foundations.

Operating weight: 18000kg,
Static linear load: 540N/cm
Vibration amplitude:2.0/1.0mm,
Vibration frequency: 28/35Hz,
Exciting force: 360/280kN,
Travel Speed: 11.2Km/h
Grade ability: 45%,
Turning radius: 7000mm
Vibration wheel width: 2130mm
Wheel base: 3148mm,
Ground clearance: 472mm,
Engine Model: Cummins 6CTA8.3
Rated power: 160kW,
Machine dimensions: 6005×2298×2993mm

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