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    1. Road Surfacing Machinery
    2. Road Surfacing MachineryBelonging to construction machinery, the road roller is mainly used for the compaction of foundation floor, substratum, fill and asphalt surface. It is the suitable equipment for the construction of high-grade railways, highways, airports, ports, dams and industrial building sites. Having a good plateau (altitude 3500 m) operating performance, it can roll sand, semi-clay and clay soil with strong exciting force, which can affect the depth of over one meter.
    1. Cranes
    2. CranesHydraulic mobile crane is developed by combining foreign advanced technology and our company's new technology. Its exclusive chassis, hexagonal jib, synchronized four-sectioned jib telescopic system, hydraulic system, hydraulic pilot ratio manipulation, electrical system and safety device fully reflect the advancement, reliability, economy and high efficiency of the design. So it is in the leading place in the similar products. Hydraulic mobile crane is a kind of construction machinery.
    1. Concrete Machinery
    2. Concrete MachineryIt adopts energy-saving control technology of diesel engine, which averagely saves the fuel consumption by 20%. By using whole-hydraulic reversing open system, its hydraulic oil has high cleanliness and low oil temperature, with little reversing impact. By using PLC control, the text displays real-time conditions, which makes the operation safe and reliable. Main components of hydraulic pressure use international well-known brand. All electrical components are configured according to CE requirements, which ensure the reliability of the electrical system. It is a kind of construction machinery.
    1. Spade Machinery
    2. Spade Machinery750 skid steer loader uses mechanical parking brake mode, which is reliable and easy to operate. With its overhead radiator, it has a very good cooling effect. Equipped with security devices, such as reversing alarm device, door electric lock, safety handrail electric lock etc., 750 skid steer loader provides effective safety for the operators.
    1. Liquefied Gas Can Truck
    2. Liquefied Gas Can TruckTank body of liquefied gas can truck adopts high-pressure gas leak detection test and anti-wave clap board is set up in the tank body as well, which makes it has the features of high intensity, stable bary center, safe vehicle carrying and so on. Liquefied gas can truck is widely applicable to chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, brewing, food, pharmacy, storage and transportation of chemical liquid, and other enterprises, with the functions of oil absorption, oil pumping, split charging and discharging of various oils etc. Liquefied gas can truck can load with different oil, chemicals and food.
    1. Electro-hydraulic Pile Driver
    2. Electro-hydraulic Pile DriverUsing the imported hydraulic system, Electro-hydraulic Pile Driver achieves the best matching of condition load by using the imported hydraulic system, main control loop and pinot control loop. The imported hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic valve and pipe connection together realize the high reliability of the system. Its unique heat dissipation system can automatically adjust the fan speed according to conditions. Electro-hydraulic pile driver also can rotate reversely to clean the dust of the vanes. The engine features low noises and vibration, environmental protection and energy saving.
    1. Pipelayer
    2. Pipelayer YFP-3 Pipelayer adopts Cummins Engine and pilot control. It is equipped with intelligent monitor, automatic hook spacing device and boom spacing device, which can conduct the real-time monitoring and control to the pipelayer's conditions. Pipelayer is mainly applied in the layout, lining up and lowering of large-diameter pipe.
      Max. lifting capacity (t): 70
      Max. lifting moment at Min. range of the boom (kN.m): 836(686kN×1.22m)
    1. Pipelayer
    2. Pipelayer YFP-9Pipelayer adopts Cummins Engine, exclusive track-type chassis, rigid structure, widening and lengthening track and hydraulic mechanical transmission. The boom is made of low-alloy and high-strength steel, using solid box-type profile-welding structure. Pipelayer is equipped with intelligent monitor, automatic hook spacing device and boom spacing device, which can conduct the real-time monitoring and control to Pipelayer's conditions. Its maximum lifting capacity is 70000KG.

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